01. Is Bank of Scotland the same as Royal Bank of Scotland?

No, it is not; even though the names are similar they are two different companies.

Bank of Scotland (BOS):

Was founded in 1695 and is now a part of Lloyds/HBOS group

BOS is primarily a mortgage and loan- provider

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS):

Was founded in 1727 and is part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Currently, the British government has a major stake in RBS. The Group's brands include amongst many others RBS Coutts, NatWest, Citizens and Charter One.

RBS is an international bank that offers financial services to corporates, financial institutions, foundations and public sector in the Netherlands. In addition, RBS provides investment products for private investors. In the USA, UK and Ireland RBS offers financial services to wholesale as well as retail clients.

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02. I own RBS shares - can you tell me what you expect will happen to the share price?
03. I own RBS bonds - when is the next interest payment date?

If you have any questions relating to share prices, future forecast announcements and other information on RBS shares and bonds, please check our investor relations website.

You can also send an email to: investor.relations@rbs.com

Find out more about private investor products in the Netherlands.

04. How can I open an account with RBS?

For people who live in the Netherlands it is not possible to open an account via the internet or by telephone, unless you are able to visit the UK. However, we do offer you the opportunity to open an International Bank Account. Find out more

For Dutch residents who would like to study in the UK, we offer Advantage Blue International by NatWest. Find out more

For Dutch residents who would like to do business in the UK, we offer you RBS Business Banking. Find out more

05. How can I block my card or account?

If you have an account with RBS and you would like to block your card or account, please contact us on one of the following numbers:

Lost credit cards – Tel: + 44 126 829 8929 - Open 24 hours a day

Lost debit cards – Tel: +44 870 513 3550 - Open 24 hours a day

Lost your debit card and need emergency cash? - Tel: + 44 870 513 3550

Customer services - Tel: + 44 870 907 0010

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06. How can I apply for a loan?

Customers have to be a US, UK or Ireland resident to apply for a loan. Please check our retail website for more information. Find out more

07.  On some internet pages RBS comes up as being the bank to offer the cheapest rates for lending money to private individuals. Where can I get more information?

In 2008 RBS sold its retail activities to consortium partner Santander. As a consequence, all previous RBS loans, mortgages and other retail activities have ceased to exist in the Netherlands. The current website www.rbs.nl reflects that change, offering only corporate banking services in the Netherlands. If you have found references on referring websites on loans and mortgages, please consider this information invalid. For international loans, please check RBS international.

08. Fraud

For inquiries regarding fraud and scamming, please check the website: Find out more

09. How can there be ATM's in the Netherlands while you have no retail network?

The ATM's are part of RBS merchant acquirer services. This service provides stand-alone cash machines delivered to companies including a full service programme. These services do not require a retail network as they are plain cash machines from which clients can withdraw money with their cash-card. Clients do not need to have a RBS card in order to withdraw money.

10. Does it take longer for the amount of withdrawal to be booked from your account when using an RBS ATM compared to a Dutch ATM?

No, cash transactions are redrawn real-time. At the moment there are over 100 RBS cash machines in the Netherlands. These are RBS branded but the transaction takes place between Mastercard/Maestro and the bank of the issuer.

11. Can I transfer money internationally from my RBS account?

Please read our comprehensive guide to international payments: Find out more

12. How can I check international payments from my RBS account?

Regarding transactions: Once you have completed and approved a payment, the transfer will be made directly to the recipient's account. In case your money is returned, a problem has occurred with either the account details supplied or the receiving bank. If you need further assistance, please check the website: Find out more